Here's a sampling of ancillary artworks and entertainment related work of mine. Scroll down for more!

Deck plans and blueprints.

Concept renderings of a cafe to be part of an application for funds document. I modelled, textured/shaded, lit, and rendered everything.

Modelled lo-poly vehicles based on retro 70's toys, for the mobile game Vector Tanks Extreme.

Modelled and textured lo-poly Google Earth model of Castle Deudraeth in North Wales near Portmeirion.

Shooting motion capture on the Chaplin Stage at the Charlie Chaplin/Henson Studios.

"The Thing" is a favorite film of mine, but the DVD release neglected to have an insert of any kind. So I made one. A hi-res printable PDF is available HERE.

Modelled, lit, and rendered a replacement backdrop translight image for Disks of Tron arcade game.

A small selection of website banners I was hired to create for a local computer retailer.

A slightly battered up hockey helmet that I airbrushed into a Star Wars motif.

Created a large fake rock sculpture for a local radio station promotion.

At a Game Developer's Conference party in San Francisco.I came up with the name and slogan for an in-game sponsor for the XBOX360 game "Monday Night Combat".

A couple paintings I've done.

Camera Assistant and Prop Construction on the opening ceremonies for the 1995 Canadian Lotus Land Advertising Awards.

Some on-set photos from my ACFC and IATSE Camera Assistant days.